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Luke: The Story Begins


Luke, a physician and an associate of Paul the apostle, writes to us so that we can believe in Jesus Christ– the Saviour of world. Jesus, the Son of God who goes much further than any human doctor can. He brings to us Jesus Christ, the healer of our hearts.

Just Like Jesus



What does it mean to be like Jesus? To have His character? We all want to be better people – more loving, more patient and kind, have more self-control. But how do we do this?

How do we do this in a world where things seem to drive us in the wrong direction? How do we become more loving, peaceful and more when ‘the good I want to do I don’t do?’

We’ll be unpacking the tension between living in the freedom Christ has given us and striving to become like Him.

Experiencing God


Jesus is our model. While He was on earth He ministered in the strength that is available to any of us. He said that we would do the same as He and more. He relied on the spiritual gifts from the Holy Spirit to do the things He did but He also used spiritual practices to hear from the Father so that He knew what to do next. Spiritual practices also allow God to form our characters to be more like Jesus. So how do we hear from God and step into His will?

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